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    Default keeping bees alive in a jar for bee sting therapy

    I've been doing bee sting therapy on myself for 9 months and usually catch bees from my hive in a jar with honey in bottom of a jar with twigs in the bottom then unscented toilet tissue on top then toilet paper rolls above that but recently my collected bees are dying in the jar within 4 hrs. Not doing anything different from when the weather in north GA was in the 70's and now is in the 50's to sixty's. I was using tape to hold the toilet paper rolls in place so quit that- still died. Then thought the unheated basement was too cold so brought them inside where dark & temp is 72 but still died. could it be the glue in the toilet tissue and the rolls?

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    Default Re: keeping bees alive in a jar for bee sting therapy

    You could use a simple bee sucker like this
    Then you wouldn't need to bother with the attractant. It works very well.


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