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I've also opened the cover, put down news paper, misted the paper with water, put down sugar, and dampened it with water at such low temps as an emergency feeding measure with no ill effect.

Please take note that the above (IMO) is the proper way to add dry sugar. Simply laying down newspaper and pouring sugar on top poses the risk of the dry sugar raining down on the cluster and landing on the bottom board or ground if you have open SBB. I like to dampen the sugar in layers of about a 1/2 inch deep. A cheap $1 store spray bottle works nicely.

When was the last time you checked the weight of this hive? This is one of the basic things that new beekeepers needs to make part of their Fall routine. Every opportunity (within reason) you should be checking the weight of the hive. Further, I'd skip the patties at this time of year, particularly if they are very light. You're seeking survival of the cluster not expansion - winter has just started - hold the patties till later (unless we're taking about some Irish whiskey, then toast to the health of your bees).