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    Hello ,

    I am pretty much a newbee to Beekeeping and to Top-Bars . After going to a class at the local library, the wife and I took the plunge and bought all the necessary equipment and a lang full of bee's . I saw a Top-Bar demo at the Washington state fair back in September and have been hooked on the natural aspects of the KTBH . I have been reading on the net, checking out books and videos from the library and watching loads of YouTube vid's on KTBH's. I do have a couple of questions on design though.

    * In Les Crowders book he builds his TBH's wide and shallow. 20.1/4" wide at the top, 9.1/4" at the bottom and 10" deep. and with Top Bars being 1 3/8th wide

    * Philip Chandlers book and plans call for his TBH's to be narrower and a bit deeper @ 15" wide with 17" bars , 12 inches deep and 5" wide at the bottom and Top Bars being 1 1/2. wide

    I live just south of Olympia Washington . Right now it is 22* F outside and last night it got down to 6* F. Our summers and growing seasons are short and the high temps rarely get into the 80's. so which design do you think would be best for my climate? Wide and shallow or tall and narrow?
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