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    I made this video to show what my wife was doing one summer. She had been a hobby beek, but now is moving up into commercial beekeeping. She was responsible for loading her hives and the hives of two other bee keepers for this trip. She had help from another beekeeper inthe area.

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    I love the video, nice background song!!
    Your wife's hives definitely stand out
    east texas looks like a great place to winter

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    Glad to see the video Carbo,
    I worked in NoDak this summer and got to know a couple of beeks
    in the Bakken area,,,was facinated by the scale of everything bee..
    I saw a bee yard and went for a closer look...64 hives in one location
    in clover and sunflowers...found out later that its common for lots
    that big....there was a river of bees going in one direction. had to
    roll the windows up on my truck to keep them out..One of the beeks
    had 3600 hives, he claimed that one esperienced keeper could handel
    800 plus hives....amazing..I've got a long way to go!!!!!


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