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    Got a call yesterday from a friend knocking down dead trees with a backhoe. "Bees everywhere ! Do You want them ?" It was a large oak tree, the cavity was about 12 inches in diameter and busted open. It was all exposed to the weather. It was 70 degrees yesterday but winter storm forcast for today. All the comb was busted loose from the top and sides of the cavity. Lots of squished bees. I cut and banded as much comb as I could into frames, put them in a hive and left it on the tree trunk, next to the cavity. I left it there overnight and will go get it this morning.It's likely that the queen was killed, but maybe not. Spring will tell. This is the third bee tree I've salvaged this fall. All close to home. (3 to 8 miles) I guess there are still feral bees around.

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    I took one off of a tree limb two weeks ago it was exposed to the weather. There was very few bees wish I would have found them earlier in the year. Dought they will make it time will tell.

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    Feed them all they will take both dry sugar and syrup. If they don't get robbed out, you may be surprised at their ability to bounce back if the queen is there.
    If you are in it for profit and not the self satisfaction of saving the hive, they're probably going to cost more to feed than to buy spring packages.
    If the queen is dead so is the hive this late. Good Luck! John.


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