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    Default Re: Queen rearing - cell punch question

    Thanks for the suggestions. But at this point, I cannot see me spending the $s of I.I., would rather just purchase a couple of hygienic queens.

    I am learning a lot from the suggestions (or I think I am) and maybe next year if I increase enough.

    Have a few days next week that are predicted to bounce into the low 60s. Guess I will be waking those gals up and likely making them mad with a really good inspection. Will do a really close check for any eggs. One hive that was queenless is dropping in numbers slowly.

    Might just have to try that newspaper combine.

    Thanks again everyone

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    Default Re: Queen rearing - cell punch question

    If you're going to inspect in the low-60F's, keep a thermometer with you in case the temperature drops while the hives are open. If it drops, close them up fast.

    No eggs in the winter does not necessarily mean a hive is queenless! If you do not spot and larvae/eggs, look for her big ol' ABDOMEN running away from you. If you don't see her, just close back up and wait until next inspection. One of my Northern beek friends says the queens that do stop laying eggs for a while in the winter come out laying just as hard as the ones that don't stop in the spring time, as long as the hive populations are equal. Your main concern is honey stores and adding pollen substitute patties. It makes sense to give them the best you can make or buy, and give them a fondant board.

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