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Thread: bear attack

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    when I had bees in Conn. they told me the bears were protected, that I would be prosecuted if anything happened, and they were not particularly interested in doing anything about bears unless they became a problem to things other than bees. If your neighbors don't like bears, and do like to complain, maybe you should get them calling your fish and game dept. the down side of this is they may figure out, what is attracting the bears.
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    I feel like I need to clarify a bit, even though some else did mention it... When I suggested a shotgun, I didn't mean you should kill it. Bird shot is used to deter all kinds of animals, from elk to bear to cougars. The smarter the animal, the less likely you will ever see them again.

    But sounds like in your neighborhood, it wouldn't go over to well. If they think people with chickens are hillbillies, then they're not gonna be into shootin' off a gun. LOL

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    They are also not reporting the two bears that where killed. Notice they also did not report the attack on LS Bees in any of these either. Which happens to be in Carson. So not sure what makes you think some report is full or accurate disclosure or some sort of reliable source. You can find the info on LS Bees right here in these forums by the way. but you will not find it in some newspaper.

    I thought I had posted a link to a study that was done from the 1800's to 1995 about deaths due to mountain lions. It also sighted only one death in Nevada in 1985. but again it's sources where newspaper and magazines which we can see right here in real time is not very accurate. You would think that a bear incident that caused property damage would make the list of bear sightings. As I said these sources say 5 or 6 bears. I have heard other sources claim 15 and that was a month ago.
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