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Honey Hive Farms is having a drawing to win three prizes.

First Prize: Langstroth double hive bodies with 20 pulled out frames, new Italian queen with bees. This is a working hive ready for a super in the Spring. Valued at $550.00.

Second Prize: Warre hive with four boxes a top, bottom and stand. Valued at $300.00.

Third Prize: Honey Hive Farms 3 lb package of bees with a Honey Hive Farms Italian, mated queen that has been laying for at least 15 days. Valued at $100.00.

It is easy, just reply to this post to enter to win. We will contact you if you are the winner through Bee Source from your reply.

Will not ship out of the USA or Hawaii. Can not ship the double hive body set up with bees in it.

Drawing is on April 1st.

Do not enter any personal information or phone numbers.

Great prizes