I知 a newish beekeeper I started when I was a teenager and did it for 6 years
I now started back in my fifties. I started in Central NY and now I find myself
New Jersey. As a kid I worked with a beekeeper so all the info came from "Bill
the Bee Guru". Today I知 in a bee association and have a much broader base of
info. That is great since it's a new world out there.

I believe a big problem is malnutrition. I beleave that there a lot of smoking guns.
I have given new hives 4TbsMaple syrup/ Gal sugar syrup when they were flying.
Did this for the minerals. Didn稚 see any signs of dysentery. I plan on feeding
nuc's 1Tbs barley malt/Gal sugar syrup for the ammo acids.
Any thoughts, OK or should I step away from the ledge?