Well it has been an interesting year. First a bear destroyed some of my hives despite an electric fence, then I got divorced, and now I have wax moths.

This morning I noticed the 4 hives that were partially destroyed by the bear, which have been sitting in my barn, were completely infested with wax moths. I am sure this is my own fault since I never removed the frames with honey. No one ever said I was smart.

So now I have four hives that have been exposed to wax moths. Do I clean them up and let them sit in the barn all winter? Here in MA we have subzero temps throughout the winter. Or, do I destroy everything and start from square one? Wouldn't be such an issue but the money I used to have is now is someone (ahem) else's account.

My gut tells me most of you will suggest destroying the effected parts but I want to hear if before I go and feed the bonfire with hive parts.

Thanks for your input. -John