I seeded 3- 100 ft rows of bok choy on July 20. In August I ate all the bok choy I could stand, gave some away and fed lots to my chickens and rabbits. This barely made a dent in the amount of bok choy plants that I had. Then around mid September, it started to bolt. Before long, I had 3 foot tall flower stalks covered in small yellow flowers that the bees were going nuts for. When I would walk out between the rows, the buzzing was louder than a busy day at the local barber shop.
The best part of this however, is today is November 17, its about 58 deg., the flowers are still yellow, and the bees are still working it like crazy. We had frost back in mid October, and several nights have been in the low 20s, and it is still green and flowering.
Moral of my story: Make a late planting of bok choy and you will have bee feed late into November.