Have 3 hives from cutouts that were done last week. All three of these had very few new larva during the cut out and the brood cluster was very reduced compared to my only hive. Well to make a long story short either they were recently queenless or I missed the queen or she has completely stopped laying.

One hive has 9+ queen cells, one has 3 or 4 and the last I didn't see any (which is the biggest). Drones numbers are really low, we had an early frost, golden rod has less than about 10% blooming (mostly mowed stuff that is really short trying to make seed before it is too cold), and we are appearing to be in a cooler cycle than normal for early winter.

I have one other hive with a laying queen (cut out that produced their own queen) and they are really gentle. Should buy a queen or two (or 3) or let these queen cells ride to see if they make queens.