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One interesting thing I'm getting from this thread, is a move away from the concept of resistant bees. While chemicals are not being used the beekeeper calls himself treatment free, but there is a heavy reliance on management methods to control varroa, rather than trusting the bees are able to deal with them.

The study where 300 hives were not treated or managed and they all died was criticized on the basis that there had been no management, it had just been left to the bees to deal with mites.

Am I picking up on a grudging acceptance that truly mite resistant bees do not exist yet?
how's your spring season going so far ot?

i split fairly aggressively in my first two seasons, but mostly to get my numbers up. now that i have my yard to the size i need i'm not splitting. none of my colonies except one were split last year, and none were split this year, although i have had a lot of swarming. i managed to prevent four strong colonies from swarming this year, so time will tell on those.

fusion power has a much longer track record keeping healthy and productive off treatments, and i don't believe he is using aggressive splitting to accomplish this.

i don't have proof, but i am of the opinion that there are resistant ferals all around me.

do they exist? probably maybe yeah i think.