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    Default Time & Temperature to Melt Pail of Honey

    I have my first 5 gal. pail of honey I extracted this fall that has turned very thick. (a fork would almost stand upright in it) Thursday night I put the pail in a old upright freezer I converted to a hot box and set the temp. at 110 F. Today Saturday afternoon I was hoping to bottle it up in the Muth jars. I pulled a pint off the pail and it is still a little to thick and cloudy.

    It's been almost 48 hours at 110 F. + or - 5 F. Is this hot enough to reliquify the honey?

    I wanted to give some honey to my siblings and neighbors during Thanksgiving and wanted the honey to look nice in the jars

    I will look at it again Sunday & or Monday to see how it is doing


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    Default Re: Time & Temperature to Melt Pail of Honey

    Yes it should be good. You may want to pop the top of the bucket and get a long clean wooden stick and stir it then pull it out and when you stir feel for lump of crystallized honey. If you think it is good then no need to bump the temp up just start bottling.

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    Default Re: Time & Temperature to Melt Pail of Honey

    It might take even longer than Monday. Sometimes it takes a week or more. Depends on the nectar source.
    I heat my pails to 120F with a pail heater and some honeys take a full week.
    My early honey requires no heat and keeps for months without crystallizing. My late honey is the one that will crystallize in the pail
    and is the one I have to reliquify.
    I stir the honey in the pail at least once a day to distribute the heat evenly throughout the pail.
    It still seems like it takes forever even though it's it's only a week.

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    Default Re: Time & Temperature to Melt Pail of Honey

    I heat mine just over 100F and it reliquifies. I just wait for it to happen but usually under a week. Patience, too much heat will diminish your gift.


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