California Almond Pollination Services, Inc. is looking for two to three individuals to help manage 3,000 plus hives during the almond pollination season in the Manteca, CA area.

The position is part time and temporary and the candidate should live locally.

Duties include assisting us:

Unloading and loading hives with forklifts

Feeding Syrup and Pollen Patties

You will also be assisting with grading hives; collecting samples for testing hives to participate in a formal study conducted by Bee Informed Partnership.
Tests will be conducted to test for Varroa Mites, Tracheal Mites, Nosema, Foulbrood, including testing viruses, for pesticide build up in collected flower pollen, and pesticide build up in wax comb.
You will also assist with re-queening hives as necessary and the general daily maintenance of hives.

Commercial beekeeping experience is not necessary but you should have experience in basic beekeeping and working with bees.
You will find many experienced and friendly people to teach you.

If you are interested, please contact us though our web site at On the other hand, just click on our ad to the right of this form.