Ok, when it rains it pours.

Was shown two hives today. Are these bees that bad at making decisions of where to place a hive and is that sign that we should leave them for nature to weed out.

The first is in a pallet. Yes a simple wooden mostly rotten pallet with a small bush growing through it. The comb is visible crossing between slats and there is nothing to cover the sides. The comb doesn't even follow the pallet boards well, but is crossways.

The second is in a roll of that erosion cloth attached to 2x4 wire mesh. The roll was used, rolled up and dumped with a plastic bag in the middle that they build the comb under plus a lot of debris.

It dropped to mid 30s tonight as well as tomorrow night, then back into the 80s. The comb would be great to have even if they don't survive. No electricity and don't have an inverter for the vac. So it might be interesting to try to gather them each into a nuc and save them.

Going to borrow the wife's digital camera for photos of these.

Are these worth trying to salvage?