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    Default Honey Hive Farms, bulk honey for sale

    We have several thousand pounds / 5 gallon buckets of clover/wildflower honey for sale at our Missouri farm.
    Let us know if your are on one our routes we deliver package bees, if so we could deliver the honey for free (on season)

    We can provide references if needed: We sell to Hospitals for cuts etc, to mead makers, other farmers that run short on grocery store orders to people that sell our honey at farmers markets.

    Any questions let me know. We don't have this on our website yet, but working on this and will have it done soon.

    I can deliver up to 6200 lbs at a time in 275 gallon totes. Let us know your needs.

    Note: Have small quantities in other floral sources. (Soybean, Orange Blossom, Olive, Wildflower)

    Go to our website, email me or call if you have any questions.

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