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    Default Very strong hive cutout of Fascia! In November?!!!

    Crazy late for a cutout in Ct. right?? But the homeowner is selling the house and the buyer wanted it gone!! Temps got above 50deg. just barely on Sunday so I went for it. Homeowner swears that there has been bees there for 40 years and from the look of of all the propolis along the drip edge I tend to agree!!
    I popped the fascia board to uncover a sea of bees. The hive was 4' long at about a 30 degree slope of the roof. Instantly I was surrounded and with only 2 hours till dark I got to work. Which means I forgot to take pics... Sorry!!
    Working fast as I could I started cutting out the comb, placing in a bucket, bringing down and setting them in an empty deep that was sitting on another deep full of drawn comb from a recent dead out. (robbed out and starved&#128542
    I'm so upset I didn't get pics because this was such a beautiful hive! So neat and well organized. Loaded with honey, no brood visible which was a good thing I guess, a very large opened queen cell attached to the back board in a pretty neat location.
    It really was a shame to have to remove this now!! Wish it could have been in warmer weather... Still not sure if I got the queen?! It's supposed to warm up enough in a few days do that I can look through it.
    I caged another queen from a small hive that had dwindled down to a handful of bees, she is from another recent cutout that never recovered. I put her in the hive just in case I didn't get this queen?!
    Any thoughts on how to proceed? The frames from the dead out have some dead brood in them. (They have already been frozen and thawed) will that be a problem for the new bees this time of year? I placed a frame feeder in & hung comb from the cutout in a shallow super, so they are in a deep and 1 shallow super.
    I appreciate any thoughts or suggestions. Thanks!!
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    Default Re: Very strong hive cutout of Fascia! In November?!!!

    Sounds impressive. Good job, the alternative for them would likely be they would be sprayed. Hope the queen is there.

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