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    Default Hi From NW Montana

    John Here 3 rd years 5 hives One in town a captured swarm being left to fend for itself <experiment> in a box at a friends house.

    4 other hives at home
    1 2 year overwinterer hoping for a 3rd. Swarm capture
    3 new groups going into first winter from pacakages
    1 colony fled the coop after a winter
    lost another colony to perhaps being a bozo and spilling feed on them in a montana "spring"
    so i have both good and bad experiences but not ready to teach always learning

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    Default Re: Hi From NW Montana

    I'm down from you in Manhattan, Montana quite a bit during summer
    have a great time experimenting, I think I get the most enjoyment out of that now.

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    Manhatten Hmm I know of someone else who got his bees last year in manhatten, his name was jerry? Anyways nice to meet ya . Yes experimenting is interesting but i was not expecting a whole hive to vanish and i was truly shocked by that I didnt feed them in spring and when i came out in may one hive doing great one hive gone.. empty hive no honey no dead brood just no bees.. so i had no idea what they did

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    Default Re: Hi From NW Montana

    Great site, wonderful people, and the information is endless.
    Every year I spend time in Polson at Western Bee.
    For all of you near a Murdochs Home and Ranch, they will carry beekeeping supplies and wooden ware after Dec 1 this year. A little competition for WB.
    Peter W., Belgrade, MT, Elv. 4420 Zone 4a
    Sheepshank Honey, 6 yrs & 33 hives

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    cool on murdochs news We are getting a murdochs in polson in the old walmart building so bad for western bee but competition is the goal for consumers

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    Default Re: Hi From NW Montana

    Welcome John!


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