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    Default Emptying a top feeder with bees in it???

    I started using Dadant's wooden hive top feeders this fall. Now that I am finished feeding, I will be taking the feeders off. A few of the feeders still have syrup in them and quite a high number of live bees in it as well. How should I go about removing the feeders so I can get the bees back into the hive quickly without dumping them(along with all the remaining syrup) into the hive? Since the temps. here have been below 45-50 degrees, the bees that have flown out at me lately have a hard time finding their way back into the high before slowing down due to the cold. I am concerned that if I keep the hive open for too long many bees will fly out and not make it back into the hive once I close it back up.Thanks, juzzer

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    Default Re: Emptying a top feeder with bees in it???

    Wait for a warm day (if possible), pour out the syrup (that will make the ants happy) and lean the feeder on the hive close to the entrance. I tried to be neat emptying out my Mann Lake top feeders and wasn't. So I just pour any liquid out in the yard and tried to save the bees.
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