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    Default A project about CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder)

    Hello there,

    My name is Joe Robertshaw - I am a graphic design student from the north of the England, UK, and have a proposal/query that i would like to try and bring to the attention of as many beekeeping practicioners, enthusiasts or specialists as I can in the short time I have during my current project.

    As im sure i dont need to inform you, the supposed 'Colony Collapse Disorder' of late is supposedly having all matter of damaging effects on agriculture, worlwide pollination and of course the populus of the honey bee itself (amongst other species). My current project requires me to represent any manner of "gathered statistical information" on any subject of my choosing, into a well informed, visual representation (an infographic, in a narrative fashion) of my findings and it is within my interest to investigate the topic of Colony Collapse Disorder and its legitimacy. My findings on this topic so far have been of vast quanitity, but there is a great deal yet to be confirmed and the skepticism surrounding the matter makes it difficult to make any informed decisions or opinions - it is a very clouded subject that needs to be addressed properly to give clarity to a concerned audience, both in the US and other regions of the world.

    Now, though the general idea in my project is to develop my ability to transform information and statistics into a contemporary, visually appealing piece of work, more importantly to me is the message it could and by all means should communicate - it is not in my job description to make my chosen subject an entirely relevant based on a pressing issue or matter; but i feel that choosing to try and portray the truth through my work on the matter of CCD is as relevant as it is a compelling subject.

    So what I would require of any of you who would care to oblige me with your time are your views, comments and opinions on what is of absolute import on this subject - what do you feel are the most important pieces of information on this matter that the public should really know about Colony Collapse? What truths and obscurities must absolutely be made clear? Is it a natural phenomenon worth investigating, or the result of human influence and involvement that needs to be considerably curbed and or regulated ? An important thing to keep in mind if you should take interest in my proposal, is that as much as i need hard evidence and information, might i suggest contemplating clever and fascinating ways of informatively presenting this subject as to really get into the heads of my audience and inspire genuine intrigue - the general public are often difficult to hook onto such matters so some wit and sharp thinking would go down excellently.

    If i could get any of your views or opinions on the matter they would be regarded as very valuable, first hand sources of information that I would love to be able to apply to my project and present in my findings. All comments and opinions are welcome and I thank you for your time and consideration in advance.
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