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    Default No more wiring frames for me

    For the last year or so I have been using bamboo skewers instead of wiring frames. Yes skewers.

    I hate wiring frames and the thin skewers don't take long to install. You just have to drill holes in the bottom bar if you don't have a groove.

    The skewers are the same thickness as foundation, so comb is fairly uniform. I have been making mostly foundationless frames, only using ice cream sticks for comb guides. The only issue is the occasional hole, which often has a queen cup or two (can you see it?). Though I've seen holes with frames of foundation too. Strips of foundation are working nicely as well.

    To install I just turn the frame upside down putting PVA glue in the groove of the top bar. Insert the skewers (blunt end first) then put glue around the part of the skewer that will be permanently in the bottom bar. Push down, then just break or cut the remaining part off.

    The comb is quite stable. I haven't used them in an extractor, but you could definitely use them in an extractor the second year. The skewers seem to help in getting them to attach the comb to the bottom bar as well.

    It's great for cutting out comb too.

    Here's some pictures:

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