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    If I store my deeps and supers all stacked up on top of each other with wax foundation frames in them, are there any adverse effects to the bees if they're stored with moth balls in them? Also, is it best to store them in a heated building or in an area that freezes over winter?

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    I've never had wax moths bother foundation so I don't think you need to worry about using moth balls. Storing them in a freezing environment is fine, as long as you are not moving them around. Wax foundation becomes very brittle when it's frozen.

    If you do decide to use moth balls be sure you use those with PDB (Paradichlorobenzene). Do not use moth balls which contain Naphathlene.
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    Foundation or comb? Foundation doesn't get bothered by anything. I've got some that is 10 years old and even the mice haven't bothered it! Comb is different. Wax moths like comb. Spray your comb with BtA and it will be fine. Sundance sells it quite reasonably down on the For Sale forum.


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    The "BtA" that Rusty is referring to is Bt Aizawai, which is a biological control for wax moths. This is the thread where Sundance is offering BtA:
    You can find current contact info for Sundance at the end of the thread.
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