I am a Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator and have captured about 30 swarms in the past three years and have been "donating" them to a few beekeepers in my local area.

I kept bees for about two years back in high school (not very well I might add, as they died when I went off to college). My mom and I had no clue and did not really learn anything.

Doing a couple trap outs this past summer got me hooked again (one a tree near a hospital entrance, and one in a house). I have acquired enough equipment for 4 complete hives along with about 15 nuc boxes for getting swarms started. I have four cut outs and trap outs already scheduled for this spring so I probably don't have enough equipment!!! Oh well, I usually go overboard and jump into things at the deep end, so here's hoping I don't drown.

Also lined up two clover cattle pastures (about 180 acres) that the owner will let me put hives on.