Hello knowledgeable treatment free beekeeps

I have been doing pretty well going treatment free and am so happy to have 4 very strong colonies as I head into winter here in Southern Maine. As it has been so unusually warm here (50 degrees plus weather) I continue to go out to the hives and check them. 3 of the 4 hives feel a bit lite on stores to me. I did give them some sugar syrup a couple of weeks ago. 2 of the hives took it. I think these hives are actually getting lighter. Is it possible they are using more of their winter stores as they are still out and about in this weirdly warm climate? So my dilemma is how to feed or what to feed. I do have honey supers I have not yet extracted but these are mediums and shallows. I do not have deep frames to introduce into the actual hives body's.

Any and all suggestions appreciated. Would you feed in November and what would you feed in November?