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    Default Transplant symptoms question

    I rescued a hive today (my 1st). It was a rough rescue. Used a bee vac but comb was way deep and hard to get at. Don't know if I got the queen. Have 7-8 frames of comb with brood and honey. When I put the lid on and placed it on the base lots of bees came out and made a small swarm on the top of the front of the hive. It's now 9pm and about 65 degrees farenheit and there are still 5-6 hundred bees on the front on the outside. I would expect them to enter the hive with the rest of the bees. Should I be concerned and what's my next steps?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mbuers View Post
    Should I be concerned and what's my next steps?
    Not yet. Next step would be waiting to see how it goes.
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    Welcome! Let nature take its course.

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