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    Default The Fee-Bees Nest

    We named our place the Phoebe's Nest. Actually, a little grey flycatcher called a Phoebe named it by nesting there every year. So when we got our bees, my joke to my wife was that the bear-cage apiary would be called the Fee-Bees nest, since we were getting a bit carried away with expensive protection options.

    One reason I was excited to get bees is that I like photography and have been trying to up my game as a videographer. I'm a science and technology consultant with some dreams and schemes about making videos. This was shot with a Nikon D5100 and a Canon Vixia HF-G20, with production done on Pinnacle Studio 16. The Mighty Teraquad is my video processing computer, which uses Finale Notepad to enter sheet music and create MIDI files. There's one particular piece by Rimsky-Korsakoff, "Flight of the Bumblebee", long out of copyright, which is the inevitable music bed for this short video.


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    Default Re: The Fee-Bees Nest

    Nice video. thanks for sharing. G


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