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    Default Screened Bottoms

    I have been wanting to try screened bottom boards but Im not to sure how they work. Do you have to have sticky paper or some sort of trap under it or can you just have the screen? What size of screen do you use to make it?

    The way I was going to try was attaching the screen to he bottom of the hive and putting the bottom board on after. Will this work?

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    Default Re: Screened Bottoms

    you can use #8 or #4 wire. I wouldn't do it the way you are planning for 2 reasons. First the screen will catch all the crap and be impossible to clean out without removing all the frames Second you wont have a bottom enterance which goes back to the 1st reason in that the bee's will have a hard time removing any crap

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    Default Re: Screened Bottoms

    There are several different designs. One of those is just an open screen. The concept is that mites and beetles will fall to the ground. Those fallen mites will probably die, but adult SHB can fly, and immature SHB pupate in soil.

    Another design has an "oil tray" underneath the screen to kill anything that gets into the oil. Of course, you need to arrange things so the bees cannot get into the oil.

    #7 or #8 hardware cloth is the right size to use. Some bees can get through 1/4" hardware cloth. See post #8 of this thread for more info:

    You can find free plans for a screened bottom board with an optional "closure" board at the bottom here:

    The plans do not show enough vertical space for an oil tray, but you can simply increase the distance between the screen and the lower closure board to make space for a tray. You will then need to buy or build a tray to hold the oil, and make a wood "plug" to block bee access to the tray while still allowing for maintenance.

    The end result is very similar to Country Rubes pre-made version:

    One option for a pre-made metal tray is a half sheet cake pan (13"x18") similar to this:

    Plastic cafeteria/lunchroom trays are also available in a 12"x18" size, generally at a lower price than cake pans.
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    Default Re: Screened Bottoms

    These are the ones I built. I've used them all summer and they work great.


    I use disposable aluminum roasting pans in them.


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    Default Re: Screened Bottoms

    I use the build it yourself plans except instead of routing the grooves for the slide in board, I glue in 1/4" aluminum channel (roughed with sandpaper, glued with Titebond III) on each side. Used political sign board, the plastic corrugated ones make good slide in sheets.


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