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    Default Winter Cluster Picture

    Does anyone have a picture of a cluster of bees in a top bar hive from an observation window?

    I saw my bees clustered on the first few cold days after I installed my package, but have trouble imagining what it would look like now. A winter cluster, with bees moving in a circular, penguin like fashion...? There isn't much space between the bars of comb. With the current amount of bees in the hive, it looks completely packed when I look in the window.

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    Default Re: Winter Cluster Picture

    Mine haven't clustered yet but I've never had any luck taking a picture through the observation window. I've tried every way that I know how but none of the pictures ever turn out.
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    Default Re: Winter Cluster Picture

    This is a swarm from a top bar bait hive, it drew about 6 combs on the middle bars which were transferred to a 4 foot observation hive. It is about the size of a truncated soccer ball after 10 days--hope it makes it!! Seasons a little different in SoCal, 80 degrees today A similar swarm captured two months ago has filled about 60% of a TBH, that one doesn't have an observation window.



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