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    Default Drone laying queen?

    I have a hive that I don't see anything but drone cells. Still have lots of workers, and there are single eggs in cells (no multiple egg cells found so assuming not an egg laying worker); however, all the capped cells are drone cells. Lots of honey in this hive.
    There is one queen cell; however, it seems like it is really late in the year for mating.

    What to do???

    Find the queen, pinch her and then combine with another hive? Seems like the only good option at this time of year.

    Suggested welcome:

    What is the best way to combine them? I was going to use the newspaper method. Put 1 box from the drone laying hive on the good hive and shake as many bees into it as I can. Then add a deep of honey on top of that.

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    Default Re: Drone laying queen?

    Yes newspaper that is what I had to do this week with one of my hives.

    I read on Beesource that if you save your old queens and soak them in alcohol that you can make a swarm lure with the alcohol.


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