I'm a pretty new bee keeper from Indiana. I bought 22 new packages from beekeepers in the state I live in this year. I did a inspection on my hives a week ago and found 12 hives that was dead or gone . I had these hives on two amish farms 6 at each location, these farms are organic and a spraying problem was the last thing I thought I would have to worry about . 6 hives look to have got into some kind of pesticide and 6 seem to have left the hive . These hives was strong in August so it was a shocker to see them in this shape . I have seen crop duster planes sowing cover crops in my area and I wonder if the seed they drop by air has the coating on them that's killing my bees ? I have been keeping bees for three years now and when stuff like this happens it makes you look hard at the bottom line I went from 32 hives to 20 in a 3 week span of time and winter is still to come . I do not think it would make any difference if I would have been keeping bees for 50 years you are at risk of bee kills at all times of the year and what the government is letting happen is not so shocking is it .