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    Default Re: Modified Langstroth hive?

    I did exactly what you are talking about with a half dozen of my langstroth hives last fall. I first started out making screened top feeders ala Lauri Miller. It then occurred to me that I could make them a little taller and make it into a quilt box. I put it over a candy fondant, put in burlap over the screen and filled it with wood chips just like the Waare hive I had. All of the hives I did that to made it through the winter and I liked it so much I intend to modify all of my hives before next winter.
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    Default Re: Modified Langstroth hive?

    catbackr, thanks for your post. I am very glad to hear your high opinion of quilt boxes as I have built both of my hives with quilts modeled on Darren Gordon's design at House of Bees. I used his design as I wanted to try using the boxes to also feed syrup when necessary without encouraging robbing. I like your idea of burlap on top of the screen though as that will keep wood chips/shavings where they belong. Hopefully, I will have the success you have experienced.


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