Hi all. I bought two hives at the beginning of this spring they seem to be doing well. My friend and I were thinking about expanding and splitting them next year. I have been doing a lot of shopping around to find the best deals. I was thinking about using 3 Western Bee 10 Frame Mediums for the hive body with Mann Lake Plastic frames and foundation (might shave them down to fit 11). I was thinking of the same setup for the supers (but only using 9 frames so the bees can draw out the comb further).
Is this a smart setup or should I change it a bit?
Can I still change around the shaved frames with the unshaved frames if something goes wrong?
What do I do for drone comb?
Are there a any better ideas for making the bees happy in the hive bodies and making me happy in the supers?
Are the products good from these suppliers and can I mix them like I want?
If not good products, any suggestions?
I am looking for the most cost effective way to build these hives and still get a good product out of it all.

Just a little background info on me and the hives. Two hives full of Italian bees. Located on about 140+ acres of good river bottom land(full of different plants). We are in Central Illinois so the winters here can be harsh. I got one set of bees from Long Lane Honey Bee Farm and the other set of bees from a small time farmer a few miles down the road from me. His are a bit more protective than the ones from Long Lane. Any extra advice you guys may have would be great as well. I want to start this adventure off right.