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That is more what I am looking for ryan. Thanks for the post.

unfortunately eventually the local market cannot/ will not purchase all my honey. There are many keepers in the area to buy from, some that offer prices $1 per pound lower than myself to the public.

Say I can sell 2,000lbs by word of mouth locally that is 10-15 full hives worth. I then need to sell the remainder of my honey through the coop at say $1.75 per pound on a conservative estimate.

optimum honey production would be to split each of my hives in half in spring.

With 10 hives that would leave me with 20 hives.

20 hives x 200lbs = 4,000lbs.

2,000lbs x $4= 8,000
2,000lbs x $1.75 = 3,500
total $11,500

value of hives $200x20 = $4,000

total value of honey and hives = $15,500

now my strategy:

10 hives x 200lbs x $4 = 8,000

Value of hives
10 hives x $200 = $2,000
60 nucs x $130 = $7,800 assuming 25% do not mature
total $9,800

total value of honey and hives = 17,800

Each of the strategies will require aprox. the same amount of equipment. either for honey boxes or brood boxes.

The second one leave me with higher net value. plus the bees are insurable for the winter. honey crop is not insurable.
Not to throw a big bucket of cold water on your dream, but all of these figures are fantasy until you actually do the work and make the sale. It's good to plan and to project what you expect, but it often doesn't turn out like you wish, no matter how hard you work.

For instance, here in NY we didn't have such a bad Summer, but the honey crop was dismall. We should have had 20 to 40 lbs more honey per hive then we did. The second year in a row.