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    Default Swarm collection box

    I am about to make up my second prototype of the above.

    However, I would like to see photos of some others before I make it, as good design is so important. Naturally, it has to be light weight, waterproof, practical with good ventilation and large enough to hold some full depth frames.

    I have a supply of aluminium sheeting and access to a Magnabend to fold the edges and will use aluminium for the bottom of the box.

    Searched the internet and came up with a photo on this site:

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    Default Re: Swarm collection box

    I had a collection box for swarms.... once.
    Now, I keep a couple of medium hive bodies, bottom boards, inner cover, top cover, with drawn comb in the back of the truck.
    Essentially I keep two starter hives (individually strapped) for my swarm calls.
    So much easier for me and the bees to hive them right away. Plus the acceptance rate hiving into drawn comb is increased.

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    Default Re: Swarm collection box

    I would just use the box that I'm going to put them in. Just need to make sure the base and lid are secure.

    You could just make a lid that is simply an outside rim with a fly wire screen on top instead. As they can overheat if closed up on the trip home! Then put the real lid on once they are home.

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    Default Re: Swarm collection box

    I have some screen frame that I duck tape on to the bottom of a box and one for the top of the box. Tape and ratch stap together. Or my bee vac box.


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