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    Default Farm Market Display Hive

    What's your opinion?.
    If you are loading a 2 frame, temporary(for 2 days), farm market display hive; what is best?.
    What combination is best from brood, honeycomb, queen, drones and workers. Best for the yard hive you are borrowing from and best viewing for the display hive.

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    ALWAYS take the queen, and make sure she is marked. I like one bar of capped honey/pollen and one bar of mixed brood. That way I can explain all the different parts of the hive to the people who stop by. It's also nice to have a 1/2 page handout to give them on ways they can help the honey bee now mowing the clover and dandelions in their lawn to not spraying a swarm of honeybees with Raid.

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    We have a single frame and a two frame that I built to travel. I always grab the queen because people always want to find her. We try to find "textbook" frames with open and capped brood, pollen, and honey, or for two frames, some mix that covers it all. It seems like there are usually a couple of drones that come with it. Our obs. hives have some screen holes for ventilation and I use screen to close the entrance. We usually give them a feeder with very light syrup for the day.
    Observation hives are awesome for markets, great attention getter. The only trouble we have had is with visiting bees attracted to the smell. I don't mind, but some people do. They always think the bees are "escaping."


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