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    Default Bees not acting right

    Just joined the forum this morning and am glad I found yall!!!!

    I installed a package in a 10 frame observation hive about a week and a half ago and the bees are not acting right. There are some that are flying in and out but most of them are just hanging in a cluster along the bottom frames. I had 4 frames of drawn comb when I installed them. I am wondering if the queen did not make it. I have been feeding them and they have filled at least one frame with what I assume to be sugar water. What could be the problem?

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    Default Re: Bees not acting right

    Depending on the style of the hive it may take a for the queen to get going and the hive to become a functioning hive. Personally I do not like to install packages in my observation hive. I much favor installing the package in a full hive give them a month or so to get going and get some frames of stores and brood then transfer frames , bees and queen to the observation hive. I always use a hive that has been kept several miles from the observation location. so the foragers all return to the observation hive.
    I would give then a few more days and see how things go. If I were not satisfied I would go through the hive and make sure there is a queen, she may be between frames doing her job.


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