Hi everyone! I am new to beekeeping and this will be our first winter. We got a later start with our nucs, not getting them until July, although they were pretty strong. Total I have 4 hives, 2 are on my property and 2 are on a friends. We did not take any honey this year. I started off with one deep, when they had filled those frames I added an medium on each hive at my place and a deep on each hive at my friends (he already had the boxes). Everything seemed to be doing well but I admit, I had a pretty good stretch between going on vacation and being busy with the rest of the farm I didn't really get into the hives to check on them. So in September I checked on them and noticed not much of anything in the top boxes and small hive beetles. I was pretty surprised since we didn't take any honey from them, I thought those top boxes would be bursting! Got traps for the SHB which seem to have helped and have been feeding lots of syrup which they have been taking. One hive has now filled most of the frames in their top box but a couple of them don't have much of anything up there. I am still feeding them syrup (from what I understand it is safe to do until day time temps don't get above 50?) and hope they get some more stores before winter but if not, should I remove the top boxes on those hives or leave it? Can they winter in just one deep?? I really am hoping not to loose any so want to do the best thing for them! Thanks for any advice!! Also, I did/am treating for mites just as a precaution (used the apistan strips) and medicated their syrup with fumagilin b. I typically am not one to medicate unless necessary but really wanted to take all precautions this first year!