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    Default I made some Candles

    I used the wax from my hives and purchased other wax as I did not have enough. I also bought some very attractive jars, and a lot of other items. I noticed that the purchased wax pellets took much longer to melt than my chunks of wax. I wish I knew how to post pictures as they came out much better than I anticipated. The only glitch was that there appears to be what I would refer to as air space in certain areas between the glass and the wax. I am not certain how to fix this problem.

    By the time I purchased jars, wicks, wick holders, wax, Presto electric cooker,pitcher, thermometer, etc, I could have purchased candles for a year at retail. I purchased the electric Presto cooker as i was concerned about fir and bees wax. None the less it was a lot of fun for me and my grand daughter.
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