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    Default I made some Candles

    I used the wax from my hives and purchased other wax as I did not have enough. I also bought some very attractive jars, and a lot of other items. I noticed that the purchased wax pellets took much longer to melt than my chunks of wax. I wish I knew how to post pictures as they came out much better than I anticipated. The only glitch was that there appears to be what I would refer to as air space in certain areas between the glass and the wax. I am not certain how to fix this problem.

    By the time I purchased jars, wicks, wick holders, wax, Presto electric cooker,pitcher, thermometer, etc, I could have purchased candles for a year at retail. I purchased the electric Presto cooker as i was concerned about fir and bees wax. None the less it was a lot of fun for me and my grand daughter.
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    Default Re: I made some Candles

    Looks good, mine are usually yellow. Big bobby pins work good for holding the wick centered.
    Putting them in the oven at about 175F should re melt them & fill in the voids by the glass. Let them cool slowly.

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    Default Re: I made some Candles

    Beeswax shrinks when it cools and will pull away from the sides of the glass containers. Is that what you mean by air space? I wouldn't bother trying to fill in the sides. What temperature do you pour at?


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