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    Default Falls Splits observations

    Had a few queens come available, about 60. Took 60 doubles that were fat & full of bees and split them here in Southern Ca in beginning of sept. went back last week, was very disappointed with results, the hives with new queens looks good, my concern is the hives that kept old queen, 70 % of them have gone queenless and fell apart. Have never seen this before, in past yrs we make a few fall splits and they work good. Any thoughts?
    Larry Pender,Jubilee HoneyBee Company,Camarillo, CA

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    Default Re: Falls Splits observations

    we have been splitting since August ,till last week. I found that moving the old queen ,and colony to a new location,and leaving the new queen in the old spot works good. Spring still works much better for us, it is natural, there is a good nectar flow,and robbing is not a problem.


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