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    I am a newbie beekeeper want-to-be from Valdosta, GA and I thank you in advance for any advice you may have.

    I am planning on starting 2 hives in standard 10 frame deeps. Starting off with one deep for each hive. I am wanting to go foundationless, so I was planning to use standard frames with a 3/4" stripe of wax foundation or maybe just turning the wedge 90 degrees secure it in and coat with wax. I have also thought about putting one frame with foundation in the center of the box to help with guiding the bees. For the deeps I am going to be adding wire to the frames to help with guidance and to make the comb more stable in the frame.

    What are some of your thoughts on starting up this way?

    Next question is for adding the bees. Do you add the package the same way you would as if you had a full set of frames with foundation? Just place the queen between two frame tops and dump the bees in on top of her.

    When adding supers to a foundationless hive I was planning to add a second deep to the top of the hive and when the time come add an excluder and a medium super for honey. Will this process work or would it be better to go with the way you would do a Warre hive by adding all boxes to the bottom of the hive.

    For feeding I will be using a frame feeder.

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    Welcome to Beesource!

    I suggest that using a wax stripe is not the most effective comb guide. More on that from Michael Bush here:
    USDA Zone 7A Elevation 1400 ft

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    Welcome...the link Rader Sidetrack gave you will start you off...Mr Bush's website has a WEALTH of information on it...

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    I just got mb book and am thinking the same thing. Can one just remove the plastic foundation and glue popsicle sticks in? And if so, both top and bottom groves of frames? Also sticks would go parallel within grove, not perpendicular, right??


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