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    Default TBH size and transprt question

    I am a new beekeeper (after a 40 year hiatus). I will be moving in two years and this knowledge pushed me to 8 frame medium Lang equipment. I am encouraged by the Sam Comfort videos. What dimension TBH can I build that will likely survive a 250 mile road trip with minimal comb breakage?


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    Default Re: TBH size and transprt question

    The question isn't what size TBH. The limiting factors are temps and comb attachment. If you move it during the time when day time temps are above ninety degrees then move at night to keep the honey filled combs from breaking off. The brood combs should not break at any temperature, also do not do a normal hive inspection for a couple of weeks prior to moving, so the comb attachments will be in place to help hold the comb in place. If you have a screened bottom place spacers under the box to enhance air flow. Good luck on your return to beekeeping, a lot has changed, keep an open mind to ideas that are new.

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    Default Re: TBH size and transprt question

    Dr. Mangum recomends 3 ft TBH for moving for polination. Dunno if this helps, but he managed over 200 TBH in his operation.

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    In Scandinavia we move bees in the chill of the night. My mentor does it around midnight for longer distance.

    I will be moving my TBHs next year from Sweden to Denmark. 3 hours long jouney.

    I will cage the Queens in case of comb collapse.
    I will tape the top bars with ductape so they dont slide.
    I will place the hives in the trailer so the comb side ends are facing the dirrection of driving. This will ensure that combs dont break in case of breaking.
    The only thing to be careful is when turning the car left/right, to do it gently.

    I will move the hives in April before the main flow so combs are light and will do this at night to ensure hives stay chilled

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    Default Re: TBH size and transprt question

    I move 20inch YBH nucs as Che says above - anytime whatever the weather#. No problems in 70 mile road trips..

    # the UK so 90F is (very) unlikely!


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