Well I was fortunate enough to get a good start in my first year of beekeeping(this year) with 5 free hives! 2 swarms, 1 i removed from a house, and 2 splits from one of the swarms. At first it was 1 swarm hive and the one i removed from the house in the spring. both grew fantastic and even split the swarm twice. about the end of july i captured another swarm. At the end of August i had to relocate all my hives due to moving. i found a great location full sun in the middle of a field. well about 3 weeks ago the hive i removed in the spring had just vanished and was full of wax moths and carpenter ants. Im new to beekeeping and asked every beekeeper i knew to explain what happened but i got too many different answers. then just yesterday i noticed the swarm from july had dead bees all over the entrance. i opened it to find all the bees gone...the comb was slimy looking, full of carpenter ants, and had a queen cell that was capped. Once again i call beekeepers asking for answers but no explanation. Anybody here have any clue?