A couple of weeks ago, it was pretty chilly at night -- even dipping down to the 30's for a couple days, low 60's during the day. Around that time, I hardly saw any drones in the hive. I even saw one bee trying to drag a drone out by the hind legs, so I figured they were in the process of being evicted. However, this week, I'm seeing a lot of drones again. Granted the weather is a bit warmer, too -- 40's at night/mostly 60's (and even a couple 70's) during the day.

Is it possible that the bees have changed their mind? Or is it more likely that I have a laying worker? Or is it just too early for the drones to be evicted?

Following some advice to let the last inspection fall around the time of the autumnal equinox, my last hive inspection was about a month ago (9/20), so I'm not entirely sure of what's going on in the hive. Also, I haven't really wanted to open it up since then since the weather has been cooler (60's) and the bees seemed like they were doing ok on their own. I couldn't see a reason to break open all the propolis and possibly break a comb (I can see lots of attachments on the windows, and I guess they are there because the comb is very heavy.) just when they're getting all set for winter. Additionally, my yard has become a yellow jacket magnet during the last week. They are attracted by the scent of the honey. The bees have been taking them out pretty easily, but I don't want to let the yellow jackets in during an inspection either.

I have been feeding 2-1 syrup, so I'm thinking that maybe that might be prolonging the existence of drones, but I don't understand why I would be seeing them kicked out one week, and then see lots of them the next. The bees are definitely interested in foraging, and I think that's supposed to be a sign that they have a queen, right?

Should I risk opening the hive? Any thoughts on what is happening? Thanks!