To start, I am new to beekeeping. I was fortunate enough to get my first hive by capturing a swarm in my neighbors yard this spring. They were doing fantastic until about 3 months ago when i went to move them to a new location and they were extremely aggressive. I have never once seen this behavior with this hive and usually went out to inspect them with just a tshirt and no veil. Well, after I suited up and moved them, they then attacked my family and dog. I thought maybe they were africanized but they just werent that aggressive. I was told by a beekeeper I should split the hive and kill the queen and let them make a new one and it will restore the gentleness in the bees. So i did exactly that, i split the hive and smashed the old queen. both hives have made queens now and the original is even more aggressive. the new hive is gentle but i havent seen any eggs in the comb and its been almost a month. has she not been mated yet? or is she defective at this point?