Need some help figuring out my hive weights , not sure if my method will work for actual weight or just for comparing my own hives . My hives are on a 2x6 frame which is sitting on concrete blocks . I have the three hives sitting with the bottom board hanging over the back edge about an inch , just enough so I can put the S- hook on my scale under it and lift the back of the hive about an inch off the rack . All 3 hives are the same two deep brood boxes except for hive number one has two honey supers still on so its going to be hard to compare that one .Hive number one 2 deeps and two honey supers with honey 75 pds , hive number two just 2 deeps 50 pds. and hive number three just two deeps 85 pds . There seems to be quite a difference , can anyone shed some lite on this or should I be weighing them from the side , problem is I have support pieces running in the way for side weighing .