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    Default Mouse guard catches Carpenter Bee!

    I'm pretty sure this is a female Carpenter Bee, which are exactly the ones you want to get rid of if your home and structures are suffering from damage. (feel free to roast me on this, yes I know they pollinate big time, however, I've spent thousands replacing 2nd story trim on my home and the buggers keep on destroying wrecking havoc)

    So looks like she got in past the guard, then when leaving the honey bee (Italian) guards let her have it. Note, her rear end is super shiny with almost no hair at all.

    Anyway, I thought the picture was pretty cool, hence the share.


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    Default Re: Mouse guard catches Carpenter Bee!

    I bet she got herself all swelled with stolen honey, this is what greed will get you. Southeast Ohio Zone 6A, Never look down on anybody unless you are helping them up

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    Default Re: Mouse guard catches Carpenter Bee!

    I found 12 dead carpenter bees around one of my hives. Must have been quite a tussle going on that I missed. There was only one hive though, you'd think there would be one or two around several hives. Great photos!


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