So.... yesterday, I noticed a woman with her car hood up next to me at a gas station. It looked as if she was searching for something quite intently. After I filled up, I felt compelled to assist if I could. Turns out, that she was having trouble locating her power steering fill cap. She explained to me she needed to add fluid because it was whining when she turned... smart lady.
I took the time to help her fill the pump to the right level and she was on her way with a very nice "thank you".

A few minutes later, I stopped to grab a burger and a drink for lunch. (Looking for the fill cap really made me hungry apparently. lol)
Yet another overwhelming urge came over me and I handed the register attendant a sum of money to pay for a few meals behind me in line. I am not rich in a monetary sense by any stretch of the imagination, but I am rich in other ways.

Fast forward to last night. I received a random email from a very nice lady who wanted to make a donation of some bee equipment. I picked up a power extractor, uncapping knife, smoker, woodenware, frames, feeders, etc. I figure there is enough there to outfit 8-9 hives. I offered many time to purchase the equipment, but I was shut down abruptly each time.

One random act of kidness sometimes will "come around" when you least expect it.
Thanks so much for the donation, mystery donor.

Just thought you should know.