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    Default New Diy observation hive with part of a late season swarm.

    Well long story short i collected a very late season swarm in michigan 2 weeks ago. The bees all took off from the hive i put them in. After a week there was still a sizable amount of bees on the ground where i collected the swarm so i gathered them and brought them home. The next day i put together an OH and added the bees after 2 days of not seeing a queen i had a carniolan queen shipped in from cali. She was introduced a few days ago and was released from her cage early this morning. The bees have been drawing out comb like mad since the queen was introduced i can see progress every time i look at the hive. only thing that has changed since the bees were introduced is the first half drawn out frame was replaced with a new foundation. It was way off center and the bees began building it into the glass. Im waiting to start seeing eggs and capped brood this next week!
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